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Alice of Human Sacrifice, Kuroshitsuji style. by KillerNyan Alice of Human Sacrifice, Kuroshitsuji style. :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 1 0 Oh god 2013. by KillerNyan Oh god 2013. :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 4 Damn fucking right. by KillerNyan Damn fucking right. :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 2 1
FrUK: Care to dance?
Arthur sighed. "I'm bored." Arthur had finished all his paperwork, and the pub was closed for renovations. Arthur lay back on the sofa and groaned. "You're so dull, Angleterre." Arthur almost had a heart attack when he heard the frog's voice out of nowhere. "Frog?! You bastard, where are you?!" Arthur felt two arms snake around his waist. "I'm right here, Angleterre." Francis rested his head on Arthurs shoulder, making Arthur growl at him. "YOU BASTARD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!" Francis chuckled, and kissed Arthur's neck. "I missed you." Arthur blushed. "I saw you two days ago...anyway, what's making you so lovey-dovey all of a sudden, wanker?" Francis turned to face Arthur. "Well, I'm feeling as good as love today, I am the country of it you know." Arthur pouted. "That doesn't give you a reason to be so nice to me." Francis chuckled, and held Arthur's hand. "So you prefer it when we argue?" "Of course not you imbecile, it's just...odd." Francis put his arm on Arthur's waist. "
:iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 0
Ever since the 900s... by KillerNyan Ever since the 900s... :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 3 Mochitalia by KillerNyan Mochitalia :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 3 0 My Hetalia Ships ^-^ by KillerNyan My Hetalia Ships ^-^ :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 5 Hello, my love. by KillerNyan Hello, my love. :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 5 WHY SEBASTIAN by KillerNyan WHY SEBASTIAN :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 1 1 Deadman Wonderland by KillerNyan Deadman Wonderland :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 2 9 Mephisto Pheles by KillerNyan Mephisto Pheles :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 0 Grell-chan:Wall Edition by KillerNyan Grell-chan:Wall Edition :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 0 1 Undertaker by KillerNyan Undertaker :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 1 0 Viscount Druitt by KillerNyan Viscount Druitt :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 1 1 Fem!Undertaker Cosplay by KillerNyan Fem!Undertaker Cosplay :iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 1 0
Grell x Reader:Promise. (Tiny hint of WillxRonald)
You stared at his long red hair, longing to run your fingers through it. Grell Sutcliff was the owner of this beautiful red hair, and he was also your partner in Soul Reaping, and your roommate. "(Y/N)? Hello?" you snapped out of your daydream, interrupted by the sound of his beautiful voice. "Oh, yeah, sorry, what were you saying?" he replied with "I was talking about how Sebas-chan looked so cute today!" You sighed, knowing he'll never be interested in you, and told him "I do wish you wouldn't drone on about Sebastian all day." Grell pulled a face. "You sound just like Will. Oh William T. Spears, you cold, mysterious brute, I do wish I could embrace you..." You sighed once again, every time he talked about someone like that, you couldn't help but feeling like crying. You loved him, you loved his hair, his voice, his personality, everything. But he would never love you back. You felt the tears begin to well up in your eyes, "I'm going home." You ran off, trying to hide the tears dripp
:iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 4 5


Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Holiday Card Project Stamp :iconheidi:Heidi 2,776 399 Slenderman Piggyback by Dethkira Slenderman Piggyback :icondethkira:Dethkira 423 125
CanadaxReader - The Maple to My Syrup
"You are the peanut to my butter," you sang and jumped on the couch.
"You are the star to my burst," Alfred joined in jumping next to you.
"You are the pop to my tart," you turned to face the singing American.
"You are the star to my burst," Alfred grabbed you by the shoulders.
"You are the best to my friend," you exclaimed jumping from the couch and onto the floor.
"You are the maple to my syrup," you heard a small Canadian voice call.
You looked up to see a now blushing Matthew at the very top of the staircase. He had been watching the little duet you and Alfred had sung and decided to join in too. His smile turned into a slightly embarrassed grin. His blond hair bounced as he ran up the stairs and towards the room.
"I'm sorry," you heard him call out.
You grinned and ran to the stair case. "There's no reason to be sorry Mattie," you yelled out. Quickly you ran up the stairs and found the embarrassed Canadian at the end of the hall, leaning against the wall. "You're the adorable to m
:iconmusergeek:musergeek 190 34
Hetalia Speaks Out!
Italy: So many people within the Hetalia fandom are terrible lovers. They always say they truly love one of us, then the claim they love someone else. How you ever thought about how we felt?
Germany: We feel your love, and we feel the heart break when you claim you love another.
Japan: We have feelings too.
America: How can one fangirl claim they love the hero, then turn around say that they also love British men?
Britain: Or how can a dear have every character fall in love with you, then break everyone’s heart by choosing just one?
France: Though you think we don’t care, we do.
Russia: Da. And every time you love one, than another, and every time you force love upon us just to take it away-
China: A small part of us just dies.
Prussia: You would be loyal to your spouse! Be loyal to us!
Austria: Or just don’t love us at all.
Hungary: Because we are tired of heart breaks. We just want love.
Switzerland: And not shared love. True love.
Canada: If you wish to love us, lo
:iconkatie65848:Katie65848 81 58
Hetalia by identityLOST-NOname Hetalia :iconidentitylost-noname:identityLOST-NOname 6,523 390 Hetalia: Roar by ExclusivelyHetalia Hetalia: Roar :iconexclusivelyhetalia:ExclusivelyHetalia 463 79 Hetalia DJ - Giving In by Hetalia-Canada-DJ Hetalia DJ - Giving In :iconhetalia-canada-dj:Hetalia-Canada-DJ 1,090 93 hetalia by tawashitobitamaru hetalia :icontawashitobitamaru:tawashitobitamaru 5,526 854 Hetalia: IN SPACE by ExclusivelyHetalia Hetalia: IN SPACE :iconexclusivelyhetalia:ExclusivelyHetalia 913 100 hetalia by p-n-y hetalia :iconp-n-y:p-n-y 6,506 721 APH chibi nations 1 by Hetalia APH chibi nations 1 :iconhetalia:Hetalia 2,023 0 Hetalia: Russia x China by Hetalia Hetalia: Russia x China :iconhetalia:Hetalia 2,196 0 Cacao y las calaveras by Andres-Blanco Cacao y las calaveras :iconandres-blanco:Andres-Blanco 1,272 41 Jake - Tim Burton Style by erondagirl Jake - Tim Burton Style :iconerondagirl:erondagirl 168 25 Sven's free time by erondagirl Sven's free time :iconerondagirl:erondagirl 16 2 Markiplier : Five Nights at Freddy's by Reikiwie Markiplier : Five Nights at Freddy's :iconreikiwie:Reikiwie 1,335 162



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Isabella Sutcliff Jager
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Sum up your life in five words:
Grell, Hetalia, Yaoi, YouTube, Poutine.

I'm just a weird, if not slightly insane, British wanker. *Tips hat and twiddles moustache*

I wanna live in Canada though.....


  • Listening to: Alice of Human Sacrifice - MEIKO, Kaito, Miku, R/L
  • Reading: Blue Exorcist
  • Watching: Dan and Phil's gaming channel ^-^
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
  • Eating: Fuckin' Brisket
  • Drinking: Orange Jooz
Lol. "Chroostmoose" means Christmas by the way :D

So, yeah, CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON! *streamers pop errywhere*
And I have compiled the perfect Christmas list. And I planned the Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar! --->…
They're my darling little sleepy sheepys! --->…
For foofling people --->…

So...past all the boring shtuff, I might do some free Christmas requests, either message me or ask in the comments below (^-^)


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